Internal Partners

Kenya Women Microfinance Bank

Best Employers are always looking for ways to provide benefits to their employees. In UAMINIFU we are privileged to have Kenya Women Micro Finance Bank, one of the Best Company to work for as an Employer who has agreed to work with us as we offer financial services as a staff benefit.  This means once staff joins the Company they automatically enroll for SACCO membership and have the SACCO contributions deducted and passed on to the SACCO, before their salary hits the bank account. Over 80% of the SACCO membership is drawn from the Kenya Women Micro Finance Bank whose staffs are spread across the country. The bank has been very instrumental in the growth of the SACCO through providing the market, prompt remittance of staff deductions and also in rendering efficient banking services just to mention a few.

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Echo Network Africa (ENA)

Echo Network Africa strong believer in advocating for women empowerment for a progressive nation. ENA has also partnered with UAMINIFU SACCO in ensuring the personal development agenda of its team is well taken care of. The staff contributions are effected from the payroll and remitted to the SACCO monthly.

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KWFT Bancassurance

A subsidiary of Kenya Women Micro Finance Bank involved in bank assurance, the agency team have the benefit of accessing the SACCO services. Apart from providing ready market for the SACCO, the agency has undertaken to ensure the SACCO is insured

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