Our Team

The Board

The SACCO has been privileged to have good and visionary leadership that has steered its’ growth. The supreme authority vests with the general membership whose decisions are represented during the Annual delegates meeting

The SACCO is headed by a nine member Board elected by the Delegates annually. Additionally there is a Supervisory Committee composed of three members who ensure Board compliance with set regulations and members’ interest are met. 

The Staff

The SACCO believes on a lean and effective staff. The SACCO has been privileged to retain an experienced and dedicated team. 

The Delegates

UAMINIFU SACCO being a democratically run institution, membership representation is through the delegates system. With the membership spread across the country, the SACCO borrows from the Kenya Women Microfinance Bank mapping where delegates are drawn from the 18 regions and several zones, the head office and Kenya Women Holding. Each region is represented by 5 delegates, while zone and head office are represented by 1 and 2 delegates respectively.

Current Zones

The current regions are:

  • Central Zone - Mt Kenya North, Mt Kenya West, Mt Kenya East and Central Rift.
  • Nairobi Zone  - Central Eastern, Nairobi West, Nairobi North and Nairobi East.
  • Eastern Zone - Lower Eastern, South Coast , North Coast and Central Eastern.
  • Western Zone - Western, Eastern Nyanza, Central Nyanza and South Nyanza.
  • Rift Valley Zone - North Rift, South Rift and Trans-Nzoia.



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