I take this opportunity to thank all the delegates for the participation during the annual delegates meeting held on Saturday, 27th February 2021. In addition to the updates made to you by the delegates in rlation to the meeting, I wish to highlight on the following: 

 Returns to Members:

Out of the revenue generated, we are paying back 58% to members in terms of interest on savings. The details on the distribution are as follows:

Normal Savings:                       Kshs. 61.5 million at a rate of 11.8%

Dividend on Share Capital:    Kshs. 21.9 million at a rate of 21%

Bonus Shares                           Kshs. 5 million at a rate of 4.7%. (This will be capitalised to members shares thus not payable in cash)

Members will receive SMS alerts on the Interest and Dividend payable. Members can also access the detailed dividend slip through the UAMINIFU PORTAL by clicking here

To advise on payment and capitalisation, members will be required to fill the online dividends and distribution form sent through individual emails and submit it online. [Submission can only be done once]. For members paying for title processing, they should ensure they have submitted the relevant documents as advised by Uaminifu Housing.

All amounts due in terms of Faida Loan, Mloan in arrears will automatically be recovered from the Interest and Dividend.

Golden Saving

We implore on all members to start off with making contributions from the Earned Dividend and Interest and make subsequent arrangement for regular contribution. Those who may be strained to contribute Kshs. 1,000 can start off with kshs. 500. Periodical lump sum deposits are allowed.

Share Capital Contribution

We appreciate and thank all Members who have attained the minimum share capital of kshs. 30,000 and encourage all members to voluntarily target to raise their shareholding to kshs. 40,000 this year. For members who have not attained the minimum share holding, the Dividend payable will be capitalised.

 Lump Sum Saving Boost.

To allow members without loans to qualify for higher loan amounts, we are offering an opportunity for Normal savings lump sum boost on the following terms:

  • The offer is open from 1st March to 30th April 2021.
  • Maximum allowed saving boost will be kshs. 50,000
  • Transfers can be from the Interest and Dividend earned as well as from cash deposits.
  • Member must have been active for at least 1 year and is not servicing any development loan.

Exiting Staff

 From the returns payable, it's clear saving and investing in the SACCO is the way to go. Thus we encourage members who have left employment to continue with the SACCO membership.



Kariuki Kitabu,


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