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Uaminifu Sacco Share Drives - 15th April 2016

In line with the SACCO key strategic objectives the SACCO continues to leverage on financial resource mobilization and provision of varied loans products.

The SACCO has steadily grown in the past five years and this has also increased the demand on the SACCO products. In recognition of the enormous potential within the membership, the Board is carrying out shares drive this year in order to fund the SACCO business growth and increase its capacity on the products offered.

The key benefits that members are going to derive from the share drive are:

  • Increase earnings on dividend
  • Participation and ownership in a steadily growing SACCO
  • Availability of more funds for additional loan products

Currently each member is expected to attain the minimum shareholding of 25,000.00; however we are encourage members to increase their shareholding given the benefit that accrue from the shares.

The share drive runs from 1st April 2016 to31st March 2017 .To participate members are advised to fill the share drive form that can be downloaded filled and scanned to the office.

Particulars Explanation
Par Value Kshs. 100.00
Shares on offer 200,000
Minimum No. of shares per member 250.00
Maximum No of shares per member 1/5 of the Total shares
Target Amount to raise 20 million

Attached Please find the share drive application form.


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