Uaminifu Sacco Membership

What’s there for members who walk with us?

  • Opportunity to accumulate savings 
  • High returns on savings 
  • Low interest rate on loans
  • Variety of  loan and Savings products
  • Timely and speedy processing of loans
  • Opportunity to invest with assured returns

Requirements to be part of us?

  • Be a current of former employee of Kenya Women Holding, Kenya Women Microfinance Bank or UAMINIFU  SACCO
  • Complete of a membership application
  • Pay  registration fee of  Kshs.500.00
  • Subscribe of a minimum of 100 shares
  • Commit to a minimum monthly savings of Kshs. 1500.00

Member’s entitlement 

  • Attend and participate in  SACCO forums the electoral zone of the society and vote;
  • Be elected to organs of the society, subject to the SACCO by–laws.
  • Enjoy the use of all the facilities and services of the society subject to the society’s by–laws.
  • Access all legitimate information relating to the society, e.g. annual reports, annual accounts.

Member’s obligation 

  • Observe and comply with all the society’s by–laws and decisions taken by the relevant organs of the society.
  • Buy and pay up for shares or make any other regular payments provided for in the by–laws;
  • Meet your debt in the society in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the by–laws.
  • Undertake such other activities for the growth of the SACCO e.g. sharing ideas that may be beneficial to the SACCO

Requirements when leaving the SACCO?

  • Serve a 60 days’ notice 
  • Be replaced as a guarantor
  • Settle your outstanding liabilities