Uaminifu Housing Membership

Uaminifu Housing Co-operative is structured to be a fully member owned institution where by, equity is raised in form of share subscription [minimum of 100 at par value of Kshs. 250 each]. Members have an opportunity to attain minimum shareholding within 2 year].

The Society targets the membership in Uaminifu SACCO whose common bond is the employees of Kenya Women Micro Finance Bank and Kenya Women Holding. Share contributions are done through check off system from Kenya Women Micro Finance Bank and Kenya Women Holding this being the common bond as well as through direct deposits.

To attain membership status, one is required to;

  • Fill membership application form
  • Pay an entrance fee of Kshs 1000
  • Contribute to a minimum share capital amount of Kshs 25,000.00

Benefits of Membership

  • Participate in decision making in society forums.
  • Eligible to be elected to organs of the society
  • Enjoy the services of the society
  • Acquisition of property as subsidized rates
  • High return on investment
  • Flexible structured payment for plots